2010 Winter Genea Blogger Games–How did I do?

It’s been a really fun two weeks working on the various challenges.  Now it’s time for me to tally up my medal count.  I didn’t always have a chance to blog about every single thing that I participated in, but I have summarized the tasks throughout the two weeks. Without further ado…

1.  Go Back and Cite Your Sources


50 Citations

Hope to earn Silver. Medal  Earned: Platinum

2.  Back Up Your Data


Task C–Back up your data to a flash drive.  I backed up all my genealogy databases, documents, and photographs to my flash drive.

Hope to earn Plantinum.  Medal Earned: Gold

3.  Organize Your Research


Task A:  Organize at least 2o hard files  and file them into binders-I filed 77 sheets of paper in my family binders)

Task B: Organize at least 20 digital files into folder, etc.-I created several family folders on my computer and sorted 50 documents into the appropriate family’s folder)

Task E:  Create at least 20 data entries-I input all of the names from the 1937 city directory pages that I had copies of)

Hoped to earn Diamond.  Medal earned: Gold

4.  Expand Your Knowledge


Task A:  Use Google Maps to map out an ancestral location.  I mapped out the house my Grandmother lived in as a child.

Task B:  Create a timeline related to one line of research.  I used TimeToast and created a timeline for my Great Grandmother, Maria (de Braga) Pacheco Smith.

Task C:  Create a memorial page at footnote.com.  I created pages for Thomas Jones and Margaret Kelly and linked them to their children.

Task E:  Create a surname visualization.  I wasted far too much time and created a surname Wordle.

Hoped to earn: Diamond.  Medal Earned:  Diamond

5.  Write, Write, Write


Task B: Participate in a genealogy carnival.  I wrote an entry about my Tante Marie for the upcoming Smile for the Camera carnival.

Task C:  Prepare several posts in draft mode and pre-publish them.  I have 12 posts ready and waiting.

Task D:  Write a brief biographical sketch about an ancestor.  I wrote about my Great Great Grandfather, Jacintho Pacheco.

Task E:  Create a page on your blog about your surnames, etc.  I created two pages.  One for my Azorean Roots and one for my Jones Jackson line.

Task F:  Participate in a 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy challenge.  I participated in the Google Maps challenge.  I also fooled around with a couple of the new feature in Google Maps Labs.

Hoped to earn: Diamond Medal earned:  Platinum

6.  Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness

Task A:  Comment on a new to you genealogy blog.  I commented on the My Big Fat Cajun Irish Scottish English German French Southern Family.

Task B:  Post one or more gravestone photos at Find A Grave.  I created a new cemetery, Kilauea Catholic Cemetery, and added two tombstone photos.

Task D:  Assist another researcher with a request or lookup.  I researched the West surname of Wisconsin and Minnesota for friend from a reading forum.  I was able to take her family from 1930 to the mid 1880s.

Task E:  Participate in an indexing project.  I added four new ship indexes to my yourislandroutes.com website.

Task G:  Use the Follow feature on Blogger based genealogy blogs.  I am now following 3 blogs.

Task E:  Create at least 20 data entries into your database

Hoped to earn: Gold  Medal earned: Plantinum

I am very happy with the results.  In some categories, I earned a lesser medal than I was reaching for.  In others, I earned a higher medal than I had hoped for.  I worked on every single category of the challenge, so I think it all comes out very even.

Thanks to those who created the Winter Genea Blogger Games.  I needed the kick in the butt to get myself motivated again.  I certainly turned out more work in the last two weeks than I’ve done all year.

Now to wait for 2012. I hope I accomplish more of my goals before then ;)

New Ship Indexes Added to YourIslandRoutes.com

Tonight I worked on another Winter Games Challenge: Participate in an indexing project.

I’ve been working on my own indexing project for the last 2-3 years.  I’ve been extracting Portuguese names from ship lists for ships from Hawaii to California.

This involved extracting the name and putting them into spreadsheets for each ship.  This took some doing as the nativity of the person was not always noted.  Sometimes a determination had to be made as to whether the person was Portuguese, Spanish, Puerto Rican, or Filipino.  Sometimes that was obvious, sometimes not.  Those spreadsheets were converted to csv files (thanks to the help of an online friend who made a nifty little app).  These parts of the project have already been done.

I am working on editing the txt files and uploading them to my website.  The csv files are then edited to replace commas and quotations marks with html code.  This is a tedious process, but necessary ;)

Tonight I prepared four more ship lists, fixed the html code, and uploaded them to my website.  Those ships are:

SS Wilhelmina, August 1912

SS Wilhelmina, January 1914

SS Wilhelmina, August 1915

SS Maui #4, July 1917

This makes a total of 24 ships that are available on the ship index page at yourislandroutes.com.

Two New Pages Added to the Blog

One of the challenges in the Genea Blogger Games it to let people know what my research is about by creating a page or two.  Though you know bits and pieces about different parts of my tree, you probably don’t have a sense of how the heck they all fit together.

Today I created two pages:

My Azorean Roots-a brief look at my Azorean ahnentafel list.  This covers 10 generations.  A couple lines extend beyond the Azores back to Royalty.  I decided not to go there for fear of causing the internet to break down ;)

My Jones Jackson Roots-a complete ahnentafel of my Jones, Jackson, Dolan, and Kelly lines.  Sadly, this one is complete and very brief.

I hope you’ll look them over.  If you find a connection, I’m just a click away ;)

These are permanent pages and can be found in the right hand column of the blog.