Best of the Research Journal

Best of the Research Journal

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This collection highlights some of the best post on this website.  You might have missed them the first time around, so here’s your second chance.

Best Articles on the Research Journal Blog

Abandoned in a Strange Land

Veronique Mazeres left France for San Francisco in the early 1880s hoping for a better life.  Instead, she found herself abandoned with a child in a strange country.

Auntie Cosma: A Woman of Many Talents

Marie (Pacheco) Cosma was the doctor, midwife, seamstress, and counselor to the families living on and near East 25th Street in Oakland, California

Dangers of Surname Research with Portuguese Ancestry

Portuguese surnames are not as permanent as you think.  They shouldn’t be depended on when researching your family tree.

Father and Son Marry Women with the Same Name

It was bad enough that Miguel do Monte named his son, Miguel do Monte.  But, did they have to marry women with the exact same name?

Figuring Out a DNA Relationship with Research

A little research solved the mystery of my third cousin DNA match who didn’t respond to emails.

Making Use of the Keyword Search Box in

There is an easy way to research city directories and other records on  It involves making use of the keyword search box.

More Property Research: The Same House on Guerrero but Different Addresses

It was neat to find Patrick Dolan’s house in San Francisco.  It was even more surprising to find that it was where a triple murder was committed in the 1890s.

My First Experience Researching the Irish Catholic Church Parish Registers

Ready to jump into the Irish parish registers?  You might want to read about my experiences first.

The Remarkable Jones Women

One was pregnant, two had just given birth, and four had little ones under the age of 5 to care for.  How did the Jones Women and their children survive the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire?

The Sinking of the Liscome Bay

Uncle Charlie had been in the Navy only a couple of months when he lost his life in the sinking of the Liscome Bay in WWII.

Theodore Pacheco: A Soldier’s Story

He fought in WWI in France and suffered the effects of gassing.  He died a Hawaiian war hero.





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