About Me

About Me

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me and my French grandma at Christmas
Grandma Lassalle and me, ca 1965

I’ve been working on my family tree for almost 30 years.  I’ve got ancestry from California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Azores, Portugal, Ireland, England, Australia, and France.  My family tree is online at WikiTree.  Anyone can view my pedigree chart.  This is another view of my family tree.  If you’re interested in my Jones, Kelly, Dolan, Jackson tree, you can view my ancestry on my Jones Jackson Roots page.  If you are interested in my de Mello, de Braga, Pacheco roots, you can view my Azorean Roots page.

I was a volunteer staff member for the Golden Gates Genealogy Forum on AOL and Genealogyforum.org. I assisted folks with their genealogy in moderated chats, wrote genealogy resources, and worked on the webmaster team.

I’ve done volunteer work with the Korean War MIA Project.  Genealogy research is used to link missing individuals to present relatives in hopes of using DNA to identify remains.

I’ve been running the Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage website, www.yourislandroutes.com, since 2001.  The website covers a wide variety of genealogy topics and includes indexes to some passport and immigration records.

While the website pertains specifically to Portuguese Hawaiian genealogy, the blog covers all aspects of my research.  My goal is to pass on the tips I’ve learned researching a mostly immigrant family tree.  I hope to continue learning new ways to tackle genealogy problems, too.

Read the blog and visit the website…I hope you enjoy them both!

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