DNA Genetic Genealogy

DNA Genetic Genealogy

I’ve had my DNA tested, have you?  Genetic Genealogy can be confusing and intimidating.  That’s why I’ve written about my experiences and share what I’ve learned along the way.

Beginning Your DNA Adventure

Guess Who is Getting Her DNA Tested?

You Had Your DNA Test Done, Now What?

DNA Website How-Tos

Azores DNA Project Needs Your Help

Fun with GEDMatch Chromosome Mapping

How to Find DNA Cousins on GEDMatch with GEDCOM Search

MyHeritage DNA Ups It’s Game: Updated Chromosome Browser How To

Interpreting DNA Results

DNA Ethnicity Estimates Are Just That, Estimates

Getting Closer to Identifying My DNA Cousin on Chromosome 21

Harry Jackson, Are You to Blame for My Weird DNA Matches?

My Obsession with My DNA Match:  Exploring a French Genetic Connection

Research Your Family Tree Forward to Work Out DNA Matches

Three Cousins,Three Different Amounts of DNA Shared




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