Favorite Posts From 2015 That You Might Have Missed

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I’ve been looking back over 2015 and reviewing my year in blogging.  I managed to put in a lot more time blogging than I have in previous years.  I added several new posts, edited some old ones, and moved a few from my website, yourislandroutes.com.  I participated in 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge on … Continued

Ellen Figg, Navy WAVES: Recovering One Woman’s History


It pays to randomly search the internet for your relatives.  No, not to spy on them.  For genealogical purposes, of course!  I do this periodically and sometimes come up with a gem. I uncovered a lost part of my grandfather cousin, Ellen Figg’s, story.  She was a Navy WAVE! Who Was Ellen Figg? She born … Continued

Family Tree Magazine is Available Through Your Local Library for Free

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I have made a wonderful discovery.  You can read Family Tree magazine on your PC, laptop, or mobile device through your local public library for free.  It’s possible if your library subscribes to Zinio for Libraries. If you aren’t familiar with this company, it is an online digital magazine service.  You subscribe just as you … Continued

Ten Facts About Leprosy I Learned While Researching My Great Grandfather


Leprosy.  It’s no longer a word you hear very often.  It’s given way to its modern name, Hansen’s Disease, and is %a treatable disease. But, in the early 1900s, it was known as leprosy and diagnosis was devastating. In Hawaii, a diagnosis of leprosy brought fear and despair. I’ve written about how the Hawaiians dealt … Continued

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Your Portuguese Ancestors

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Genealogy is challenging. Portuguese genealogy has challenges all it’s own.  Have you fallen into these pitfalls and misconceptions along your research trail?  If so, you’re not alone.  I bet we’ve all made similar mistakes.  The important thing is to learn from them, then learn how to get around them. Let’s see this list of 10 … Continued

Mystery Photo of the Week from September Solved!

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On 9 September 2015, I posted this Mystery Photo of the Week. There were two photographs of a little girl whose name was forgotten. One was her confirmation photo. The other was a photograph with two women. I’m happy to say that the little girl has been identified. The girl in this photograph is Isabella … Continued

Use The 1890 Kingdom of Hawaii Directory to Find Sugar Plantation Laborers

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I have had the chance to view the “Directory and Handbook of the Kingdom of Hawaii” for 1890.  This is an important resource for Hawaii genealogists as it one of the first to include sugar plantation laborers. How to Access this Directory It is available online though the University of Hawaii at Mano’a website.  It … Continued

Mello Castanho Migrating from the Azores: Hawaii, East Coast, and Canada

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Sooner or later it was bound to happen.  I was going to make a connection to Canada with my Portuguese lines.  It was just a matter of time.  I had thought it would be with Canadian tenor, Remigio Pereira, instead it is on a different line. Working from Maia to the Kingdom of Hawaii to … Continued

YourIslandRoutes.Com Turns 14!


Bring out the streamers and noise makers.  The Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy, History, and Heritage website, YourIslandRoutes.com turned 14 in September.  Yeah, September.  Okay, so it’s sort of a belated anniversary celebration. It has been kind of hectic here and I’d forgotten all about it. Who would have thought after 14 years that the website and … Continued

The Historical Significance of My Dad’s Army Photos,1951-1952: Desegregation of the US Military

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My dad served in the Korean Conflict in 1951-1952.  He was stationed in Hokkaido, Japan for most of that time.  As I was sifting through his photo album, I was hit with the historical significance of his photographs.  They show the beginnings of the integration of the United States military–the end of segregated service. On … Continued

Mary (Riley) Jackson’s Genealogy Journey is Complete: The End of the Jackson Line


Mary L. (Riley) Jackson means very little to my family tree.  She isn’t one of my ancestors. She is my great aunt.  She married my great uncle, John Jackson, ca 1925. They divorced about 10 years later. I can go beyond her to the next generation easily. Yet, I feel compelled to research her. John’s … Continued

Gifts For Genealogists: Family Tree Picture Frames Display Your Family Photos Beautifully

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A few years back, I was given a family tree photo frame. It’s one of my prized possessions. I have it filled with three generations of ancestors from my parents to my great grandparents. It sits proudly on my dresser so that I can see it every day. Family tree frames are perfect gifts for … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 40: My Grandfather was Married on the Same Day as His Great Grandfather


In the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Series, Week 40’s theme is birthdays and anniversaries in October.   I’ve already written about my Grandma Lassalle and about my maternal grandparent’s marriage.  Who else could I write about? In going through my database, I found something of interest.  My maternal grandfather and my maternal great grandfather chose … Continued