SNGF: Headline News, 7 March 1927

Oakland Tribune 7 Mar 1927 Headlines

Randy Seaver has his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge posted.  This week it’s headline news the day my Dad was born. My Dad was born 7 March 1927 in Oakland, California.  The Oakland Tribune was the main newspaper for the city of Oakland during that time. There wasn’t any one big headline, but it […]


The Answer was Right in Front of Me


Sometimes the answer to the problem is right in front of your face.  I was pretty sure the Jean Lassalle on this WWI draft registration card was my grandfather.  The birthday matches. I was reluctant to say this was my grandfather since the physical characteristics were off.  My grandpa was not medium height (unless their […]


52 Ancestors, Week 12: We’re All Short

my Dad 1955

The theme for week 12 in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks series is “Same”.  I had a rough time finding something that I shared with an ancestor.  Then, it hit me. It was so obvious!  We’re all short. By “all”, I mean my Dad’s side of the family.  My Mom’s side was not short.  […]


Are You a Member of the Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy Group on Facebook?

From time to time, I like to remind folks that we have a thriving Portuguese Hawaiian genealogy group on Facebook.  All you have to have is a Facebook account, then join the group.  The group is set to private due to spammers, but all those seeking their family history are welcome to join. As of […]


Why Wasn’t Martin Kelly Living in His Boardinghouses in the 1870s?

1876 Ad for the Nevada House

Yesterday, I wrote a post for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks concerning my 3rd great grandfather, Martin Kelly.  As with all things genealogy, I started writing about an attempted murder and I ending up thinking about boardinghouses.  Specifically, the boardinghouses Martin Kelly owned. In the San Francisco Chronicle article about the shooting, it stated […]


52 Ancestors, Week 11: Martin Kelly was a Lucky Man

Martin Kelly shoots a man

This week’s them for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is the Luck of the Irish.  This week I’m going to write about my 3rd great grandfather, Martin Kelly, and his brush with the law. Martin Kelly was a native of County Roscommon, Ireland, who came to America during the Potato Famine.  I don’t know much […]


52 Ancestors, Week 10: Killed in a Wind Storm

Obituary Martin Kelly

It is time for the next 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks post.  This week the theme is weather.  I have written about this story before, but as I can think of no other weather related event that affected my ancestors at this time, I’ll repeat it. San Francisco and San Mateo are known for their […]


Find My Past is Free This Weekend

The genealogy website,, will be free to access the weekend of March 6-9.    I’ve never used this website before, so I’m looking forward to exploring it. The “about” information says that their databases contain over 1.7 billion records.  Those databases cover the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and “beyond”.  Just how far beyond, […]


52 Ancestors: Grandma Moved After Grandpa Died


The theme for this week’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge is “Close To Home”.  All of my great grandparents ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area, so they were all fairly close to the home I grew up in.  But, this is about my Grandma Lassalle, Anna (Mazeres) Lassalle, and how she moved […]


52 Ancestors: My Grandma Helped the Homeless

anna don on horse

The topic for the  52 Ancestors challenge this week is “Good Deeds”.  I was somewhat stymied.  I have not done much property research on my ancestors.  I’ve only found a couple of deeds and have written about those previously.  I decided to go with the second meaning of this prompt and focused on someone who […]


52 Ancestors: My Heart Belongs to Antonio Medeiros Cordeiro

It’s not what you think. The theme for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge this week is Love.  This can be interpreted in many ways. My heart belongs to Antonio Medeiros not because I have a weird crush on my ancestor, but because he expanded my tree by many generations.  When my arthritis got […]


52 Ancestors: The Longest Migration

jozimas de braga enlarged

This is week 6 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.  The theme is So Far Away.  I decided to write about my great great grandfather, Jozimas de Braga, who had the longest migration of them all.  I should note that my great grandmother, Maria (de Braga) Pacheco Smith, his daughter, also had a similar migration […]


52 Ancestors: Women Worked on Hawaii’s Sugar Plantations, Too


This is the fifth entry in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. The theme is Ploughing Through.  I wonder how many researchers with Portuguese Hawaiian ancestry realize that their female ancestors were under contract, too?  My great great grandmother was one of those women. This is the original sugar plantation contract that my great […]


Are Genealogists Wired Differently?

Are genealogists wired differently?  I have asked myself that many times in the past.   It isn’t our remarkable ability to flesh out the dead.  Though, that is a remarkable skill.  No, I am talking about our love of making lists and organizing data into different forms and fashions. It isn’t enough for a genealogist to […]


52 Ancestors: John Breil, Born Near My Birthday

I could have written about a few ancestors for this prompt, but I’ve already written about several of the ancestors who have a birthday closest to mine.  This time I’ve selected Jean Breil who was born 3 days after my birthday. Jean Breil was born 31 Jan 1812 in Izeste, Pyrenees Atlantique, France.  He was […]