RootsMagic 7 Genealogy Software Released

I’m so excited!  I’ve been working with RootsMagic 5 for quite some time.  But, I’ve been holding off to see if there would be an upgrade.  Looks like I’ll be asking Santa for RootsMagic 7 for Christmas!

RootsMagic 7 Software

Some features that folks might be happy about:

  • WebHints: New feature will check for matches and provide web hints from and
  • Ability to publish “multiple online family trees” on the web with easy editing features
  • DataClean:  Helps you clean up data issues within your database.  This includes NameClean and PlaceClean.  I can see how PlaceClean can be helpful.  I’ll be curious to see how NameClean works especially when one has a database full of foreign names.
  • Problem Alerts:  This feature will tell you if there are problems with the person’s information.  This will be helpful for this arthritic genealogist who sometimes hits keys that she didn’t mean to.

I have never used RootsMagic6.  So, I am not sure how many of these features are new or are revised.  However, they sound good to me!

If you’d like to know more about what is included in the software, here’s the what’s new page.  If you’ve never used RootsMagic, you can get a free trial download from their website.

I bet get my letter off to Santa soon!




CCA Finished Uploading Azorean Parish Registers

I got word through the Azores Google Group that the CCA has finished uploading the last parish registers for the island of Sao Miguel to the arquivo website.  The last village added was Ribeirinha.  This means the parish registers for all the Azores islands are now available for research on the web.

Not familiar with the arquivo website?  It consists of a lot of good stuff for genealogists.  The parish registers include baptismal (baptismos), death (obitos), and marriage (casamentos) records.  In addition to the parish registers, it includes some passport records.

This was a massive undertaking.  The CCA archivists are to be applauded for making these records available to all Azorean researchers for free.  I know this disabled researcher who hasn’t been able to get the the FHC in several years is very happy to be able to research from my home.  Though, I may be running out of ink and paper from all the notes I’ve been taking.

I wonder what they will do next?

A big thank you to the CCA!


Three Free Databases for Hawaiian Researchers to Find Veteran Relatives

Veterans Day is right around the corner. has three databases that those researching in Hawaii will find useful.

World War Draft Registrations

Be sure to click Draft Registration (next to birth) and enter Hawaii to limit your results.

World War II Enlistments 1938-1946

You can define by birth, residence, or branch of the military if you know it.

World War II Draft Cards, 1942

This is nicknamed the “old man draft”.  It includes people born 1877-1897.

Now got out and give your veteran relatives some love by finding their records.