Gifts For Genealogists: Family Tree Picture Frames Display Your Family Photos Beautifully

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A few years back, I was given a family tree photo frame. It’s one of my prized possessions. I have it filled with three generations of ancestors from my parents to my great grandparents. It sits proudly on my dresser so that I can see it every day. Family tree frames are perfect gifts for … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 40: My Grandfather was Married on the Same Day as His Great Grandfather


In the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Series, Week 40’s theme is birthdays and anniversaries in October.   I’ve already written about my Grandma Lassalle and about my maternal grandparent’s marriage.  Who else could I write about? In going through my database, I found something of interest.  My maternal grandfather and my maternal great grandfather chose … Continued

Microfilm Available for Portuguese Hawaiian Research through the LDS Family History Center

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One of the most important places to do research is at the Family History Center of the Mormon Church (aka Church of Latter Day Saints). Check your local phone book for a Family History Center near you. This is a list of some of the microfilms/microfiche that are helpful for the Portuguese Hawaiian researcher.  Note … Continued

1930 Census Background Information

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The 1930 Census enumeration began on 1 April 1930. The census spans 2,667 rolls of microfilm. The information was recorded by Enumerators or Census Takers. Each enumerator was assigned an enumeration district. It took approximately 4 weeks to complete. Although enumeration could take weeks to complete, all information is recorded as of 1 Apr 1930. … Continued

Making Use of the Keyword Search Box in Search to Find a Specific Village

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Are you familiar with the keyword search box on’s search query screen?  You’ve probably seen it, but haven’t really figured out what it is for.  After all, you’ve got the name and birth or death place of your ancestor.  You don’t need that box, do you? I bet you are not alone, especially if … Continued

My Mother Does Not Abide Photography

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I am reading a surprisingly wonderful biography called The Rocket Girl.  It’s about Mary (Sherman) Morgan, American’s first female rocket scientist.  She worked for a company that did government contracts during the infancy of space race. Her many achievements included an inventing the rocket fuel used in our first rockets.  Many of her contributions were … Continued