Portuguese Newspaper Find: Photo of Seraphim de Braga

Seraphim de Braga newspaper photo

I am a believer in going back to databases from time to time and rechecking my searches.  Sometimes I’ve learned things since the last search.  Sometimes there have been updates to databases.  Whatever the reason, it’s a good practice to get into. The University of Massachusetts has been adding Portuguese newspapers to it’s collection for […]


Three Free Databases for Hawaiian Researchers to Find Veteran Relatives

Veterans Day is right around the corner.  Familysearch.org has three databases that those researching in Hawaii will find useful. World War Draft Registrations Be sure to click Draft Registration (next to birth) and enter Hawaii to limit your results. World War II Enlistments 1938-1946 You can define by birth, residence, or branch of the military […]


Double Pai Incognito

I’m coining that phrase. I’ve been working on my cousin’s Raposo line. It seemed a simple request. Figure out if Francisco Raposo and Manoel Raposo of Kilauea were really brothers. To start, the birth place information in some records in Hawaii was inconsistent. I sorted it out and identified they were from the village of […]