52 Ancestors Week 26: John and Mary Jane, I Hardly Know You

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I have made it half way through the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge.  Woo Hoo!  Usually I’ve given up by this point because life interferes. I’m behind a week, as usual, but at least I am still here! It is the halfway mark, so I’ll write about an ancestor I’ve researched only half way.  … Continued

Lost Kingdom By Julia Flynn Siler: A Hawaiian History Book Recommendation

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This is my review of Julia Flynn Siler’s “Lost Kingdom: Hawaii’s Last Queen, The Sugar Kings, and America’s First Imperial Venture”. One of the latest entries in the Hawaiian history genre, tell the story from Queen Liliʻuokalani’s perspective.  It is a book I wholeheartedly recommend! I am always on the lookout for Hawaiian history books, especially … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 25: Finding the Jackson House


This weeks theme for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is the Old Homestead.  I’ve only seen one of my ancestral homes in person.  I really wanted to locate the house my grandmother, Anna (Jackson) Shellabarger grew up in Oakland, California.  I used Google Maps and the Oakland Interactive Planning database to fulfill my mission. My … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 24: I Wish I Had Their Bango


This week’s theme for 52 Ancestors is heirloom.  One item I would really like to have is the bango tags of my great great grandparents is their bango. Do you know what a bango is?  No, it is not a drug reference and I didn’t misspell a musical instrument. The word comes from the Japanese … Continued

Recovering Family Photographs through School Yearbooks

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I have very few photographs from my maternal grandmother’s side of the tree.  While there are plenty of photographs of my grandmother, Anna (Jackson) Shellabarger, there are only a handful of her siblings.  I have four of her mother and none of her father.  There are no photographs of her many relatives from San Francisco. … Continued

SNGF: My Ancestors Occupations

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Randy Seaver has a new challenge up for this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  This week the focus is ancestor occupations.  I’ll start with my parents like Randy did and work back to my great great grandparents.  After that the information on occupations is limited. My Dad (1927-2010) 1958-1989 Safeway bakery line worker and roofing … Continued

52 Ancestors, Week 21: My Azorean Ancestor was a Soldier

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Being a regular blogger makes it difficult to find topics that I haven’t already touched for weekly challenges.  This week’s theme for the 52 Ancestors challenge is Military.  So far, I haven’t found many ancestors who were in the military who I haven’t already expounded upon already.  As I’ve recently found new information on Felicianno … Continued

Do You Know These Women from the Kilauea Sugar Plantation?

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Years ago, a friend sent me this photograph.  I honestly have no clue where the photograph originates from.  But, it is a tribute to the forgotten history of the sugar plantation era.  Women worked on the plantations alongside their male counterparts.  Their labor made a major contribution to the sugar plantation era. The photograph is … Continued