Are Genealogists Wired Differently?

Are genealogists wired differently?  I have asked myself that many times in the past.   It isn’t our remarkable ability to flesh out the dead.  Though, that is a remarkable skill.  No, I am talking about our love of making lists and organizing data into different forms and fashions. It isn’t enough for a genealogist to […]


52 Ancestors: John Breil, Born Near My Birthday

I could have written about a few ancestors for this prompt, but I’ve already written about several of the ancestors who have a birthday closest to mine.  This time I’ve selected Jean Breil who was born 3 days after my birthday. Jean Breil was born 31 Jan 1812 in Izeste, Pyrenees Atlantique, France.  He was […]


52 Ancestors: Rosa Boteilho was a Tough Woman


This is my entry for the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge, week 3: Tough Woman. It’s not easy to flesh out the stories of Azorean women.  You are dealing with baptismal, marriage, and death records.  That’s it.  Often, women are elusive because of naming practices which involved taking a religious name rather than a […]