52 Ancestors, Week 39: My Dad, Ace Paperboy

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Wow!  I really drew a blank on this one.  You’d think with the decades that I’ve researched my ancestors I’d easily have found an unusual record.  Part of the problem is that my ancestors jump the pond so recently, so most of my records are foreign baptismal, marriage, and death records. I thought this was … Continued

BMC Durfee High School, Fall River Yearbooks Online for Free

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I’ve been trying to find photographs of my relatives so that I can make photo charts.  RootsMagic has the capability to make photo descendant charts and I want to fill in as many faces as I can.  I think it’s easier to grasp the family tree when you can associate a face with the name. … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 38: The Portuguese of East 25th Street, Oakland


This week’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is easy.  The theme is Favorite Place to Research and I know exactly where that would be. This is a very specific location.  It is where my Portuguese research began:  E. 25th Street in Oakland, Alameda County, California. What makes this street so special?  Why am I drawn … Continued

Mystery Photo of the Week: Are These Three People Portuguese Hawaiians?

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This week’s mystery photo comes from the collection of Marie Gloria (Bonita) Medeiros thanks to her granddaughter.  The Bonita’s were from Kauai, Hawaii, Monterey County, CA, and Oakland, CA.  They had de Braga family in Honolulu, Hawaii. We have three individuals.  The two men appear to be middle aged, the woman elderly.   Given the … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 38: One Large Azorean Family


Large families…the definition has changed over time. When I was growing up, my family was considered large. There were 7 of us…5 kids born in 7 years. My family is nothing in comparison to my Pacheco kin. Jacintho Pacheco and Anna Jacinta de Mello married on Christmas Day in 1856 in the village of Fenais … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 37: My Grandpa Worked For Westinghouse Electric

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One of my family treasures is an old rolled photograph.  It’s crumbling a bit after being held flat in a book for several decades.  I’ve made copies of it so as not to loose it completely. The photo was taken in 1938. All the employees of Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Company’s Porcelain Division are gathered in … Continued

Mystery Photo: Who is This Little Portuguese Girl?

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This week’s mystery photo is actually two photos involving the same unknown little girl. These were in the collection of Marie Gloria (Bonita) Medeiros, my grandfather’s cousin.  They were shown to me by her granddaughter, Barbara. The girl has Portuguese roots and was born in either Hawaii (most likely Kauai) or California. The first photo … Continued

Thomas Coyne’s Will Settles It

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In the ongoing drama over who is related to my 3rd great uncle, Patrick Dolan, I have a new puzzle piece.  You may remember from my previous posts  that Patrick’s will was filed in 1906, but lost in the San Francisco earthquake.  It was refiled after the dust settled. I originally thought that because of … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 35: Were Theodoro and Maria Educated?

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This week’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks theme is schooling.  I’ve written quite a bit about this topic this year.  This time I would like to answer the question as to whether my Azorean great grandparents, Theodoro and Maria (de Braga) Pacheco Smith, had any schooling in Hawaii? Schooling For Children was Part of the … Continued

Mystery Photo Solved: Jose Medeiros and Bertha Pacheco

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I’m excited in a way that only genealogists will understand. In Mystery Photo of the Week, I posted a photo of an unidentified bride and groom. I am happy to say that the photo has now been identified! It took a little detective work and a forgotten photo of two small children to sort it … Continued

Mystery Photo: Who are the Bride and Groom from Oakland?

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This wedding photograph came my way a few months ago.  The photograph was taken around 1910-1915 in Oakland, California.  We do not know who the bride and groom are but there are some clues.     The Clues It’s pretty obvious that the groom and the best man are related, most likely brothers.  They have … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 32: A Sketch of Jean Mazeres

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  This weeks theme is to pick one of our 32 3rd great grandparents.  I am fortunate in that I know all but four.  Unfortunately, those four belong to the genealogy black hole known as the Jackson line.  At the rate it is going, they may be empty spot on my pedigree forever. One of … Continued