My Shelf is Attacking Me

My Shelf is Attacking Me

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One of the Winter Games challenges is to organize and file at least 20 hard files in their binders. After my experience tonight, I am fairly sure why I’m so far behind on filing. It’s too dang dangerous!

I pulled out the first stack of papers and proceeded to knock my glidepoint, the wrist guard, and the mouse pad onto the floor. That wasn’t a very good start.

Getting the first binder off the shelf produced a dust cloud and a sneezing fit. I filed a couple pages in that binder and somehow up ended a stack of books. Three of which hit me in the head.

The books ended up in another room and I went back to work. Pulling down another binder I managed to push two empty binders down the back of the shelf. I had to climb under the computer desk to set those free.

Then I was working in a binder and the lanyard hanging from the shelf fell. I picked that up and sat down only to have a binder jump off the shelf onto my desk scaring the dookies out of me.

I was beginning to thin that the shelf was attacking me on purpose. But I would not give up! I managed to sort through about 50 pages and got 25 of them in the right binders. Honestly, when I set out to complete these task, I didn’t think I would end up with bruises as my reward. At least now I’ve got the dangerous work done. LOL

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