A Brief Sketch of Jacintho Pacheco

A Brief Sketch of Jacintho Pacheco

Jacintho Pacheco was my Great Great Grandfather.  He was born ca. 1820 in the village of Fenais da Vera Cruz, Ribeira Grande on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores.  He was the son of Joao Pacheco and Jacintha Rosa Ferreira, both also from Fenais da Vera Cruz.

He met my Great Great Grandmother, Ana Jacinta de Melo, sometime around 1860.  She was from the neighboring village of Achada.  They were married before 1863.

Jacintho and Ana settled in Achada.  Jacintho was a sapateiro (shoemaker), which makes him unusual in this long line of peasant farm laborers.

Jacintho and Ana had at least eight children born between 1863 and 1876:  Antonio, Manoel, Maria I, Joao, Jose, Francisco, Maria II, and Theodoro (my Great Grandfather).

Jacintho died sometime between 1876 and 1882.  He did not make it Hawaii with his wife and children.

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