Winter Games Progress Report #2

Winter Games Progress Report #2

This is my Friday Winter Games progress report.  I’ve been able to accomplish quite a bit this week. Here’s my progress category by category:

Category 1–haven’t done diddly so far

Medal earned–None

Category 2–I’ve backed up all my data (including databases, files, and photographs) to my flash drive.

Medal earned–Gold

Category 3–I haven’t worked on this yet

Medal earned–Nada

Category 4–I created a surame Wordle.

Medal earned–Bronze

Category 5–I have been furiously posting in draft mode.  I’m creating a several part series on the Hawaii State Archives digital collection, updated some old articles that were previously published elsewhere and readied them for publishing, and finished a couple of posts I had previously started but forgotten about.  So far, 12 posts are waiting in draft mode.

Medal earned–Bronze

Category 6–This is where I have accomplished the most.  I’ve commented on a new blog, posted photos at Find A Grave, added a new cemetery to Find A Grave (and listed two burials, so far–does this count as working on an indexing project?), and used the follow feature on Blogger.

In the works…I am doing an RAOGK for a person on a forum I participate.  I planned to research her family in the 1930 census.  I’m currently back to 1900 with a couple of state census records, a marriage record, and two births records in the mix.  As if I really thought I would do only one lookup.  Ha! Ha! Ha!

Medal earned–Gold (and on the way to Diamond)

I’m pretty pleased with my effort so far.  I’ve done some things I would normally do.  I played around far too much with Wordle having a grand ol’ time with my surnames, and I’m having a generally good time accomplishing something.  I hope to have more accomplishments to show for over the weekend.

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