New Ship Indexes Added to

New Ship Indexes Added to

Tonight I worked on another Winter Games Challenge: Participate in an indexing project.

I’ve been working on my own indexing project for the last 2-3 years.  I’ve been extracting Portuguese names from ship lists for ships from Hawaii to California.

This involved extracting the name and putting them into spreadsheets for each ship.  This took some doing as the nativity of the person was not always noted.  Sometimes a determination had to be made as to whether the person was Portuguese, Spanish, Puerto Rican, or Filipino.  Sometimes that was obvious, sometimes not.  Those spreadsheets were converted to csv files (thanks to the help of an online friend who made a nifty little app).  These parts of the project have already been done.

I am working on editing the txt files and uploading them to my website.  The csv files are then edited to replace commas and quotations marks with html code.  This is a tedious process, but necessary 😉

Tonight I prepared four more ship lists, fixed the html code, and uploaded them to my website.  Those ships are:

SS Wilhelmina, August 1912

SS Wilhelmina, January 1914

SS Wilhelmina, August 1915

SS Maui #4, July 1917

This makes a total of 24 ships that are available on the ship index page at

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