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SNGF: How Many Surnames: the Summation

I thought I’d wrap up what I found in this post.  These are the tallies for all three of these database.

I should note that there is overlap in these database as some individuals are input into all 3 (like me!)  My tally will be slightly askew from that and my inability to add correctly 😉

I come up with 2,016 total surnames in my combined databases.  The number one surname is Pacheco with 229 individuals.  This comes as no surprise to me.  My Great Grandparents had 7 children who married and had children.  Those 7 children had 45 offspring who made it to adulthood and had kids of their own.  If I tallied in how many changed their surname to Algrava and Algarva, this surname statistic would be much larger.

This is my all time top ten list from all three databases combined.  It’s no surprise to me that all these surnames come from my Pacheco-de Braga database.

Pacheco 229

Medeiros 211

Silva 111

Souza 107

Mello 104

Costa 89

Braga 85

Laniohan 85

Ferreira 73

Camara 72

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Thank you for an interesting challenge, Randy!

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