SNGF: How Many Surnames Part Two

SNGF: How Many Surnames Part Two

Since I don’t like jobs half done, I’ve got to see what the surname counts are in my other databases.   This is the second database for my Jones-Jackson lines.

I’ll be using RootsMagic to make my calculations. There are 182 surnames in this database.

My top 10 surnames in this database are…

Pohley 44

Jones 25

Calgano 23

Bourne 22

McSwegan 17

Wall 14

Jenkins 13

Koch 12

Kelly 12

Lindecker 11

I am surprised at the results!  I thought Jones would be my number one surnames.  But, there is Pohley in the number one spot. I have 67 individual with no surname at all. 62 of those are females.

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