SNGF: How Many Surnames Part Three

SNGF: How Many Surnames Part Three

This is the third and last installment in my surname list statistics posts.  This database covers my Lassalle Mazeres side of the tree.  This database covers my Dad’s entire line.

Using RootsMagic, I calculated that I have 187 surnames total.

The top 10 surnames are…

Mazeres 42

Lassalle 40

Segalas 38

Breilh 25

Lascurettes  22

James 19

Cebollero 15

Barada 14

Kuhn 14

Jacquemet  11

My number one surname in this database is Lassalle.  Makes sense.  We are a prolific bunch.  LOL

I’ve done a bit better in this database in finding the surnames.  “Surname unknown” did not hold the number one spot in this database.  It came in at number 5 with 22 people without a surname. 18 of those were females.

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