SNGF: How Many Surnames?

SNGF: How Many Surnames?

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Tonight’s challenge from Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musing’s blog is to run some surname statistics.  I’m using RootsMagic to do my computations.  As my tree is separated into three databases, I’ll use the Pacheco – de Braga database for this test.  It’ll be the most impressive.  LOL

While RootsMagic can give me a list of all the surnames in my database, it doesn’t appear that it can give me a total number of surnames.  I’m not seeing it anyway.  So, I’ll do this the long way.  I’ve run the Surname Statistics List.  It comes out to 31 pages.  The total count is 1,647 surnames.  This does not include the 389 people that I’ve yet to find a surname for.

My top ten surname list is…

Pacheco 229

Medeiros 211

Silva 111

Souza 107

Mello 104

Costa 89

Braga 85

Laniohan 85

Ferreira 73

Camara 72

Of course, since this is only one third of my tree, the numbers are slightly skewed.  It saddens me to know that I have more people without a surname than are in my number #1 surname, Pacheco.  It represents mostly women (366) who I know either by first name or no name at all.  I’ve got to work on that!

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