Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: I’m Wishing…

For this weeks SNGF at Genea Musings, Randy asks us to write about genealogy database we’d like to see adding to the web.

My wish list would include…

The Garden Island Newspaper of Kauai, Hawaii.  The newspaper started in 1902 and would be rich with information on the comings and goings of my family from Kilauea and other areas of Kauai.  I do not know who has this database in their possession.  The newspaper currently resides at and has more recent issues.  I’d sure like to see the stuff from 1902-1920 online.

The Monitor Newspaper.  This is the Catholic Church newspaper for the San Francisco region.  The newspaper was published betweed 1858 and 1984.  This is where I found an obituary for my Great Great Grandmother, Margaret (Kelly) Jones, who died in 1889.  Currently, the collection is with the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Consulado Geral de Portugal em Hawaii, 1878-1913.  This is an important resource for those researching Portuguese roots in Hawaii.  These are the consulate logs.  When a passenger arrived at Honolul for processing, they were interviewed by the Portuguese consulate.  Information was given on everyone in a family group including who died on the voyage and who was born.  It’s a good snapshot of who really arrived in Hawaii.  The LDS Church has microfilmed these records.

1890 Hawaii Kingdom Census.  This is a vital resource for anyone researching in Hawaii, especially if your ancestor left the islands prior to the 1900 US Federal Census.  Though the records are organized a bit strange (head of household might be recorded alone as they were interviewed while working on a plantation, while the rest of the family is recorded elsewhere).  Because pre-1900 records for Hawaii are difficult to find, locating your ancestor in the Kingdom Census may be the only way to verify that they were really there.  These have been filmed by the LDS Church.

I am sure if I put more thought into this I could come up with many more wishes ;)

I am sure there are many, many more resources that I would love to see online.  These four would be at the top of my list.  Though, at the top of my wish list would be the records destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fire in San Francisco.  Those records that seem to have all the details about my Irish ancestors.  I guess that might be asking too much even of Santa.

Please Santa…a little elfy magic to get my records online…please?


Wedding Chapel Wednesday: The Cebollero’s


This is the wedding photo of Albert Emil Cebollero and Marie Breilh.

Albert was born 8 Apr 1884 in France to Mitchell Cebollero and Jeanette Lorente.

Marie was born 11 May 1886 in Castet, France to Jean Breilh and Mathilde LaPlagne Maucor.

The couple was married 16 May 1908 in San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA.


Tombstone Tuesday: Catharine Kelly’s Tombstone Found

A month or so ago, I added some graves to  I only got through a few, added a couple of photos, then requested 3 photos.

Last week, I was contacted by a volunteer.  He went to Holy Cross Cemetery but couldn’t find my graves.  I sent him what little information I had for his second trip.

He went back to Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, California and located my Gr Gr Gr Grandmother’s tombstone, her brother’s tombstone, and one of my Gr Gr Gr Uncle’s tombstones.  I will discuss those in future posts.

This is the tombstone for Catharine:

kelly-headstone-catherinekellyresizeIsn’t it beautiful?  It says:

“Mrs. Catharine Kelly

Native of Ireland

Died January 1, 1873

aged 40 years”

This gravesite was part of a reburial.  The Kelly’s were originally buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in San Francisco.  As the city grew, the decision was made to dig up the cemeteries within the city.  Catherine’s brother, Patrick Dolan, paid for the reburials (some 10 or so family members) and put up this tombstone.

This reburial creates some questions.  First, the death date…1873.  The office records have the same information.  There’s a slight problem though.  I found an obituary for Martin and Catharine (Dolan) Kelly’s daughter, Josephine, who died in May of 1874.  She was six months old.  That puts her birth around December of 1873.  If Catharine died in January of 1873,  Josephine was a medical miracle.  As older newspapers become available, I will have to see if an obituary exists for Catharine in 1873.  There is another Catharine Kelly married to a Martin Kelly who died in the early 1880s. Added to the problem is Martin Kelly is absent from the 1880 census, so confirming that Catharine died before 1880 and not after can only be proven with obituaries at this point.

Her age also creates a problem.  If she died at the age of 40, then she was born ca 1833.  Martin would have been almost 10 years older than her.  Her oldest daughter was born in 1849.  Catharine would have been 15 at the time.  There is also a good 10-12 years between Catharine and her other siblings.  These are not insurmountable issues, but they do raise questions that need to be answered.

There is another mysteries surrounding this plot.  Martin Kelly died in 1899.  His burial was also paid for by Patrick Dolan.  However, Patrick didn’t add Martin’s name to the tombstone or erect a stone for Martin.  Patrick was quite well off, so it wouldn’t have been a financial issue.  Looks like Patrick and Martin might not have gotten along.

I’ll leave the mysteries for another day.  Today I’m just happy to see the stone.  You can view the other photos on the Findagrave memorial page.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the volunteer, Doc Sanchez.  A very big thank you for taking the time to photograph these graves!  I’m very appreciative of your kindness.