Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games Mid Week Status Report

This is my status report as we’re over half way done with the GeneaBlogger Games.  Saturday is the last day of challenges.  Let’s see how I am doing.

1.  Go Back and Cite Your Sources


52 Citations added to my database


2.  Back Up Your Data


Task C (backup data)


3.  Organize Your Research


Task A: Organize and file at least 20 hard files.  Over the last two days, I have filed 76 pieces of paper in to my family binders.  Guess I aced this one ;)

Task E: Create 20 data entries in your database.  I added 20 entries from the 1937 city directory (various cities in California) to my database.

Medal: Silver

4. Expand Your Knowledge


Task A: Use Google Maps to map out an ancestral location.  I found the home my Grandmother, Anna (Jackson) Shellabarger grew up in.

Task B: Create a timeline.  I created a timeline on Maria de Braga Pacheco Smith using TimeToast.

Task  C: Create at least one memorial page at  I added my Great Great Grandparents, Thomas Augustine Jones and Margaret Kelly.  I linked them to their children and grandchildren.

Task E:  I created a Wordle of my main surnames.

Medal: Diamond

5.  Write, Write, Write!


Task C: Prepare several posts in draft mode and pre-publish them.  12 posts are ready to go!

Task F: Participate in a 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge.  I did the one on Google Maps

Medal: Silver

6.  Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness


Task A:  Comment on a new to me genealogy blog–done!

Task B: Post one or more gravestone photos at Find A Grave.  Not only did I do that, but I added a new cemetery, Kilauea Catholic Cemetery!

Task D: Assist another reserach with a request or lookup.  I looked up two families for a friend. I was able to bring one line from the 1930 census to the 1880s.  The other was a late immigrant (after 1930) and I was able to establish the family in the US.

Task G:  Use the foolow feature on a Blogger based genealogy blog–done!

Medal: Diamond

In short, I have done fairly well.  I was not looking forward to organizing and filing the messy stack next to me.  However, I made quick a bit of progress in just two days.  I hope to complete a couple more challenges.  All in all, I am quite pleased with my effort thus far.


My Shelf is Attacking Me

One of the Winter Games challenges is to organize and file at least 20 hard files in their binders. After my experience tonight, I am fairly sure why I’m so far behind on filing. It’s too dang dangerous!

I pulled out the first stack of papers and proceeded to knock my glidepoint, the wrist guard, and the mouse pad onto the floor. That wasn’t a very good start.

Getting the first binder off the shelf produced a dust cloud and a sneezing fit. I filed a couple pages in that binder and somehow up ended a stack of books. Three of which hit me in the head.

The books ended up in another room and I went back to work. Pulling down another binder I managed to push two empty binders down the back of the shelf. I had to climb under the computer desk to set those free.

Then I was working in a binder and the lanyard hanging from the shelf fell. I picked that up and sat down only to have a binder jump off the shelf onto my desk scaring the dookies out of me.

I was beginning to thin that the shelf was attacking me on purpose. But I would not give up! I managed to sort through about 50 pages and got 25 of them in the right binders. Honestly, when I set out to complete these task, I didn’t think I would end up with bruises as my reward. At least now I’ve got the dangerous work done. LOL


Maria de Braga is (Time) Toast

One of the Genea Blogger Games challenges is to create a timeline of events for an individual in my tree. I fooled around with Personal Historian, but wasn’t thrilled with the results. Since TimeToast was recommended I decided to give it a try.

It took me some time to put my Great Grandmother, Maria (de Braga) Pacheco’s timeline in order. Unfortunately, TimeToast does provide any set events (or I couldn’t find them). So, I input the events in Maria’s life, then added a scant few events in Hawaii and California history that might have affected her and her family.

It was interesting to construct. Pretty easy, actually. I may go back and add some photos and events. For now this is the timeline I created:

You may also view Maria’s timeline in regular size format. Click on “View as List” to see all the events of Maria’s life on one page in list form.