Surname Saturday: Correa of Maia

Surname Saturday: Correa of Maia

Today I’m listing out my Correa line (also spelled Correya) of Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.  This is a tiny maternal line that connects to my Paiva de Braga’s.

Pedro de Paiva’s mother was Catharina Rocha.  She married Manoel de Paiva  on 28 Dec 1705, in Maia.  Manoel’s line can be found in the post Paiva of Maia and Achada.

Catharina’s mother was Maria Coreya.  She married Manoel Viera in 1680 in Maia.  She died before Catharina was married.

Catharina’s mother was Maria Correa.  It was interesting to find the Coreya spelling as Correa or Correia is more common.  Perhaps Coreya was an earlier spelling.  Since their wasn’t much standardization it may have been the recorder’s preference.

The line ends with Maria and her husband, Pedro Afonso.  I don’t have any details on this couple.  Maria Correa is my 9th great grandmother.

Here is the ahnentafel for this line:

Ahnentafel of Pedro de PAIVA – 17 Sep 2011

First Generation
1.  Pedro de PAIVA: born on 25 Jun 1716 in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.

Second Generation
3.  Catharina ROCHA: born in Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island.

Third Generation
6.  Manoel VIEIRA: married on 25 Nov 1680 in Divino Esperito Santo, Maia, Sao Miguel, Acores.
7.  Maria CORREYA: died before 28 Dec 1705.

Fourth Generation
14.  Pedro AFONSO: married; died before 25 Nov 1680.
15.  Maria CORREA.


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