SNGF: Where on the map?


Randy’s latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge asks us to create maps using the interface at showing where we’ve lived and where we have visited.  Then, we’re supposed to do the same for our ancestors. I have only been in two US States.  I’ve lived in California all my life and I’ve been to […]


My Migration Map

migration map528

A few years ago, for Family History Month (which is this month!) I decided to make a migration map.  I found a library online with historical maps.  I chose one sort of in the middle of the time frame for my many migrations (the first being in the 1400s).  Then, I mapped out the migration […]


Where do the Portuguese Speakers live in the US?

Someone from the Portuguese American Review sent this link my way and I thought I would share it.  It’s a map of Portuguese speakers in the United States and is based on the 2000 Census. I was surprised to see that Merced County has the highest concentration of Portuguese speakers in California.  I would have […]