SNGF: Where on the map?

SNGF: Where on the map?

Randy’s latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge asks us to create maps using the interface at showing where we’ve lived and where we have visited.  Then, we’re supposed to do the same for our ancestors.

I have only been in two US States.  I’ve lived in California all my life and I’ve been to Nevada.  That’s it.  I’ve just never had the money to travel and now arthritis prevents me from doing so.

So, my map is pretty plan…


I simply do not have enough generations of ancestors in the US to do anything elaborate.  My people didn’t start arriving until about the 1840s.  So, this map shows all the places where my ancestors lived.  All of them ended up in California by 1907 (except for my step grandfather from Iowa who came here about 1940ish).ancestor map 1

This next map shows the ports where my ancestors arrived in America.  This covers migrations from the 1840s until the last ancestor arrived in 1908.  I still do not know where my great grandmother, Brigitte (Breilh) Mazeres arrived.  Some day I hope to be able to add her to this map.

ancestor migration map1

Looks about the same as the states where they lived map.  The only difference being that each line (Kelly, Dolan, Lassalle, Mazeres, Breilh, Jones, Pacheco, de Mello, and de Braga) made California their last stop.  Once they settled there, they never left.


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