YourIslandRoutes.Com Turns 14!


Bring out the streamers and noise makers.  The Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy, History, and Heritage website, turned 14 in September.  Yeah, September.  Okay, so it’s sort of a belated anniversary celebration. It has been kind of hectic here and I’d forgotten all about it. Who would have thought after 14 years that the website and … Continued

Where were you when the Loma Prieta Quake Struck?


Today marks the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. 17 October 1989 started out as a day of hope and excitement. People were excited about the Bay Bridge Series between the A’s and the Giants. They got in their cards, sat down in a seat on a BART train, or waited for the bus to … Continued

What’s this blog about?

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This is part of Genealympics challenges put together by AnceStories and Genea-Musings. This challenge falls under the Write! Write! Write! category. It’s been awhile since I’ve told my readers what this blog is about.  Probably two years ago…since the last Genealympics. The Research Journal is an offshoot of my website Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage.  … Continued

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know the Research Journal

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I’ve been on the web helping genealogist for several years, first on AOL, then with In September of 2001, I began the Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy and Heritage website,    In January of this year, I revised the Research Journal blog to cover my various areas of research expertise. My goal is to teach people … Continued

Ship Indexes Added to

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One of my Genea Blogger Games challenges was to participate in an indexing project. I’ve been working on my own project to index the Portuguese names on manifests for ships coming from Hawaii to California. After months of not doing anything, I put in some hard time today. The indexes have all been created. But, … Continued

What the Research Journal Blog is About

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As part of the Genea Blogger Games, one of my tasks is to tell you what the Research Journal Blog is about. As I remodeled and refocused the blog recently, it seems like this is a good opportunity. Originally, this blog was set up to take research projects and follow them step by step to … Continued