Wedding Belles: Beyond the Ceremony

Wedding Belles: Beyond the Ceremony

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I have seen some beautiful wedding photographs from the turn of the century.  This photograph of Wilma Larcher and Alfred Souza married in Oakland, California, in 1939 is a prime example.fredwilmawedding

But, I’ve often wondered what the special day was like without the photographers and the poses.

A couple of years ago, a cousin sent me these three photographs taken from his parents wedding.  They are the same couple as above.

These are the first photographs I’ve seen that show the rest of the festivities.




I like these shots because they give us a glimpse into what it was like before and after the ceremony. It seems that in the 1930s they were doing things pretty much the same as we do today.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Belles: Beyond the Ceremony

  1. Thank you, Melody, for these wonderful behind the scenes snapshots, which I’m guessing were taken by an amateur photographer. I agree that, while the formal portraits preserved in frames on dressing tables are so magnificent, it’s the other photographs which often tell us another part of the great story that accompanies every wedding. Even if they are still posed, and many amateur snapshots are, the poses are often so much more relaxed, poorly structured … and informative! Who are the two ladies standing on the opposite side of the street? Are they part of the wedding party? I think not. One seems to have her head slightly inclined towards the other – is she commenting to her friend about the bride’s dress, or the handsome groomsman? I wonder!

    Regards and best wishes, Brett

  2. Such a beautiful dress and beautiful couple. Are the other ladies wearing veils, too? I guess they are her attendants? I like the view of the houses and the car and the two bystanders enjoying the bridal parties’ trip possibly into the church.

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