Helen’s Adoptive Mother Had No Last Name

Helen’s Adoptive Mother Had No Last Name

How do you learn the name of a person when all you have to go on is their daughter’s name and what sounds like a nickname for their first name? This genealogy research journal will explore the mystery of Helen (Pacheco) Correia and her adoptive mother whose name was lost over time. Helen was part of the Pacheco clan, but it was unclear which part. My grandfather had at least 45 cousins who reached adulthood.  She could fit in anywhere.  There was some belief that she belonged to the group called “The Reds” (nicknamed so because of their red hair).

Helen was given away for adoption to someone named “Zuweena”. That’s all I knew about her adoptive parents. I had no clue what kind of name Zuweena was.  If it was Portuguese, it had been mangled beyond recognition.

First, I’ll explore Helen Correia’s Story.

What Can We Learn From Obituaries?  Quite a lot!

Following Instincts is important to genealogy and can lead to revelations.

Missing Pieces in My Genealogy Research for Helen’s Mother made it difficult to follow her genealogy trail.

Thank You, 1930 Census for providing some answers.

Jesuina Gets the Last Word and that seems right.

This research hoped to answer three questions:

  1. What was Helen’s adoptive mother’s name?
  2. Were her adoptive parents related to her birth parents in any way?
  3. Who were her real parents?

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  1. I just read your post for the Book of Me, which lead me to your Helen searches. Intriguing. A Good Read. Nice Blog.
    I’ll be looking forward to your posts in the future.

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