Barbara (da Silva) de Mello’s Individual Summary

Barbara (da Silva) de Mello’s Individual Summary

Barbara da Silva is my 3rd Great Grandmother.  She is from the village of Achadinha but was married in Achada.  Her mother was from Achada, so perhaps that’s how she met her husband.

Name:    Barbara da SILVA-844
Sex:    Female
Father:    Francisco da Silva TAVARES-1994 (1740-    )
Mother:    Margarida SOARES DE RESENDES-1995 (1745-    )

Individual Facts
Birth    25 Dec 1768    Achadinha, Nordeste, Sao Miguel Isl.
Chr    1 Jan 1769 (age 0)    Achada Grande, Sao Miguel, Acores
Alt. Name    1797 (about age 29)    Antonia PIMENTEL-844
Alt. Name    1872 (about age 104)    Barbara LUIZ-844

1. Manoel de MELLO-843 (1766-1820)
Marriage    16 Nov 1794 (age 25)    Achada Grande, Sao Miguel, Acores70
Children    Jose Francisco de MELLO-200 (1797-1872)
Antonio Francisco de MELLO-1814 (1795-1878)
Anna Jacinta de MELO-1882 (1800-    )
Maria Francisca de MELLO-10087 (    –    )
Antonia da SILVA-10091 (1798-    )
Manoel MELLO-10111 (1797-    )

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