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Angie (Margie) Smith’s Individual Summary

Angie was my Great Aunt.  She and Theodore grew up together in Oakland, CA.  They were said to be madly in love.  She developed toxemia of pregnancy during her first pregnancy and died at the age of 23.  It is said that Theodore never fully recovered from that loss.

Name:    Angie MARGIE-9710

Sex:    Female
Father:    Antone MARGIE-378 (1875-1940)
Mother:    Rose JOSEPH-379 (1883-    )

Individual Facts
Birth    18 Jan 1904    HI109
Residence    1910 (about age 6)    1784 Highland Ave; Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Residence    1920 (about age 16)    2538 Highland Ave; Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Death    5 Aug 1927 (age 23)    Highland Hospital, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Burial    8 Aug 1927 (age 23)    St. Mary’s Cem, Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Occupation        Housewife
Died of        Toxemia of preganancy

1. Theodore “Kid Cyclone” PACHECO Jr.-17 (1901-1960)
Marriage    1 Jan 1924 (age 19)    Oakland, Alameda Co., CA

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