Google Books Find: Men of Hawaii

Google Books Find: Men of Hawaii

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I like to search the Google Books collection to see if anything of interest has been added. Today I found this gem:

Men of Hawaii: being a biographical reference library, complete and authentic, of the men of note, and substantial achievements in the Hawaiian Islands, volume I. Edited by John William Siddall. Honolulu Star Bulletin : 1917.

This books contains the biographies of many men who contributed to the Territory of Hawaii in one way or another. In looking through the index, I found several Portuguese names. Some that I noted: Joseph Souza Ferry-lawyer, Manuel Caetano Pacheco-Senator, Joaquim M. Camara-lawyer, and Manuel Nunes-inventor of the ukelele.

A typical entry looks like this:

I have not gone through the entire book, so there are many names to explore. There are some photographs, though not all the men in the book are depicted.

Explore the book and if you find a relative, post it in the comment. Let us know what you’ve found!

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