Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Happy Dances all over My Blog

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Happy Dances all over My Blog

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Randy’s challenge this week is to list some of the happy dances, a-ha moments, and genea-gasms that we’ve blogged about.

Here are a few of mine:

My Very First Happy Dance – My very first visit to the local Family History Center had me face to face with my ancestors for the first time when I loaded up that microfilm for the 1910 Census.

Catherine Kelly’s Tombstone Found – A volunteer at was kind enough to track down some tombstones for me at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA.

I’m Related to a Nobel Laurete – Who would have thought those Azorean roots would produce a Nobel Prize winner!

An Uncanny Resemblance – A previously unseen photo of my Great Grandmother, Margaret (Jones) Jackson, seemed to magical appear in my Grandma’s room at the rest home.  It is the only photo of Margaret taken before 1940.

Ana Jacinta’s Crumbled Stone –  When a genealogist photographed this stone at Kilauea Catholic Cemetery, he provided the only proof that my Great Great Grandmother did in fact make it to Hawaii.

From Bresch to Breilh –  While looking for a family that might connect to my tree at the Ellis Island website, my eyes roamed the page where I realized the family with the surname of Bresch was really my Breilh’s.

John Jackson did not Die as an Infant – A look at the 1910 census made me realize that my Grandmother had lied to me about her brother’s death.

My Great Grandfather had a Brother? – What a surprise after 15+ years of research to find a mortuary record for Thomas Jones’ brother, a brother I never knew he had.

Religious Newspaper Comes to the Rescue – A letter to the Archdiocese of San Francisco provides my Great Great Grandmother’s death–and birth–information lost in the 1906 earthquake and fire.

Newspapers Tell Me a Little Bit about the Five Mile House – I have always wanted to know more about the boarding houses the Kelly’s owned.  I found quite a bit of information about the happenings around one of them in old newspapers.

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