My Great Great Grandfather had a Brother?

My Great Great Grandfather had a Brother?

I was researching in the new Halstead’s Mortuary database at tonight.  I never pass up a new database for San Francisco since records are few and far between.

In an hour, I found exactly one family member. Matthew A. Kelly.  What I found didn’t add anything to what I already had.

I decided to search with no specific purpose.  I put in the name John Jones, which I figured would be the dumbest search I’d ever committed to computer screen.  A handful of results came up.

There was a John C. Jones born in Australia who looked interesting.  I clicked on the entry and began reading the obituary.  Not much stood out.

Then I glanced up to the remarks.  John Jones and Jane Heywoods from Wales.  What…?  I reread the obituary.  John C. Jones had a brother, T.H. Jones.  John was a blacksmith.

I don’t have a T.H. Jones but I have a T.A. Jones–Thomas Augustine–a blacksmith, born in Australia.  My Thomas was the son of John Jones and Jane Haywards…Haywards…Heywood…

Holy Cow!  I think this is Thomas’ brother!  As far as I knew, Thomas didn’t have any siblings.  But, my information comes from the 1870 census.  By that time, Thomas is 20.  This guy, John C., was 7 years older than Thomas.  I found him in the 1870, 1880, and 1900 censuses with his wife, Margaret, and children.

So, what do you think?  Did my Great Great Grandfather have a brother?  I’m places my bets on yes!  I’ll need further proof, but this is awfully coincidental.

What a great little discovery and I wasn’t even looking for anyone in particular.

Now to find proof…I’m coming to get you, John C. Jones!

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