Favorite Posts From 2015 That You Might Have Missed

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I’ve been looking back over 2015 and reviewing my year in blogging.  I managed to put in a lot more time blogging than I have in previous years.  I added several new posts, edited some old ones, and moved a few from my website, yourislandroutes.com.  I participated in 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge on … Continued

1930 Census Background Information

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The 1930 Census enumeration began on 1 April 1930. The census spans 2,667 rolls of microfilm. The information was recorded by Enumerators or Census Takers. Each enumerator was assigned an enumeration district. It took approximately 4 weeks to complete. Although enumeration could take weeks to complete, all information is recorded as of 1 Apr 1930. … Continued

The Problem with Names Part 2: Latinization

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For many early Portuguese immigrants to Hawaii, their main contact outside of the plantation was through the local Catholic Church. For many genealogists, church records may be the only way to identify links back to the “old country”. When researching, you must be aware of the many name variations or you may miss your ancestors. … Continued

The Problem with Names Part 1: How’s that Spelled?

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Many of the first wave of Portuguese immigrants carried very little if any documentation with them. They were most likely poor and illiterate. The people in Hawaiian taking information from these immigrants usually had no prior knowledge of the language. Portuguese enunciation was different from what they were used to. Also, the recorder wasn’t always … Continued

Early Hawaiian Death Records

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Before 1900, what we consider death certificates did not exist in Hawaii. There are no death certificates on file for the early era. The official documents consist of the death register books and indexes. Most of these have been microfilmed by one group or another. Information Collected Let’s look at a typical register page. This … Continued

Sugar Plantation Histories Updated at YourIslandRoutes

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I’ve been busy this week. I have updated the links on the four sugar plantation histories articles on YourIslandRoutes.com. If you aren’t familiar with these articles, there is one for the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. Information varies by business, but some included information on the founders and when the operation ended. I’ve … Continued

Do You Need A Copy of an Entry in Portuguese Hawaiian Memories?

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I learned this week that the Portuguese Genealogical Society of Hawaii no longer has copies of the book Portuguese Hawaiian Memories for sale. Did you know that the book has been indexed by some wonderful volunteers and can be found on my website, YourIslandRoutes.com?    You’ll find the indexes divided by island under Portuguese Hawaiian Memories. … Continued

Problem with Names Part 3: Well, We Never Called Her That

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Researchers usually don’t get very far before they find an ancestor who seems impossible to find. Many times this is because they are used to calling their ancestor by a certain name when, in fact, they were named something else. Names evolve, shorten, and modernize over time. Taking an ancestor from what everyone called them … Continued

Hawaiian Delayed Birth Records Part One: What are Delayed Birth Records?


You may have heard the rumors about Hawaiian vital records. Records before 1900 are few and far between. You may have better luck finding a diary that your ancestor scribbled in than finding his or her birth certificate. There is a possibility your ancestor applied for a delayed birth certificate especially if they were born … Continued