Delayed Birth Records for Hawaii, Part Two: How Did They Apply?


How did a person go about getting a delayed birth certificate? The person filled out an “Application for Certificate of Hawaiian Birth”. This application asked for basic details such as name, place of birth, date of birth, current address, race of father and mother, father’s name, mother’s name, and any physical identifying marks. The applicant … Continued

Early Hawaiian Death Records

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Before 1900, what we consider death certificates did not exist in Hawaii. There are no death certificates on file for the early era. The official documents consist of the death register books and indexes. Most of these have been microfilmed by one group or another. Information Collected Let’s look at a typical register page. This … Continued

Your Ancestor’s Obituary Might Have Been on the Radio

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I have contacted several mortuaries in Oakland who have kindly sent me back many files on my relatives.  Most of those sheets are from 1920 through 1940. They are filled with useful genealogy information. Mortuary records can supply so many details about one’s life.   And, if you’re really lucky, the mortuary will have the … Continued

SNGF: Fearless Female Prompt of the Day

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Randy Seaver has asked us to take a prompt from the Fear Females list created by Lisa Alzo for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  I’ve chosen today’s prompt which is to take a family document and write a narrative about it. My Great Aunt Margaret Jackson married Alfred Fafri sometime in the early 1940s…somewhere.  No one … Continued

An Azorean Marriage Record: Maria and Jozimas

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[Fearless Females, Prompts for Women’s History Month, March 4th: Marriage Record of my Great Great Grandparents] In my previous entry, I showed you a copy of the Marriage record for my Great Grandparents, Theodoro Pacheco and Maria de Braga.  The record was from a Catholic Church and was written in Latin. This next example is … Continued

Learning More from an Azorean Death Record

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Portuguese death records are called “obitos”. For most years, those obitos will be found in church records. If you’ve worked with the records of the 1800s, you know that most obitos offer very little information. They give the name of the deceased, the date of death, their age at death, what parish they were a … Continued

Wedding Chapel Wednesday: Hawaiian Marriage Licenses

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I thought in this post for Wedding Chapel Wednesday I’d talk about pre-1900 Hawaii Marriage Records.  If you’ve done any research in Hawaii for records before 1900, you know that it’s difficult to find vital records.  While recording of events was mandatory before 1900, consistency didn’t exist until around 1910. When dealing with marriage records … Continued

Hawaii State Archives Digital Collection Tour: Genealogical Indexes

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The first stop on our tour is the Genealogical Indexes.  The online description says this is an index to marriages, divorces, probates, wills, and citizenship records for 1826 to 1929.  As with all Hawaiian collections, this is not a complete index. There are two ways to access these indexes:  Browse and Search. Let’s look at … Continued

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: A Genealogy Gift

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Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is to pick out a genealogy gift for someone and write about it.  There are many things, existing and not, that I could chose.  I think that instead of getting a gift for one person, it would be for the cousins who descend from my Great Great Uncle, Antonio Pacheco.  … Continued

These Death Certificates Complicate Things

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I thought it would be a nice addition to my brother-in-law’s Christmas present if I found his Higgins line.  So many databases have been added to the web since I last tackled this line two years.  I might get lucky. What I know: 1.  His great grandmother was Margaret Higgins 2.  She was born in … Continued

Hawaiian Delayed Birth Records Part One: What are Delayed Birth Records?


You may have heard the rumors about Hawaiian vital records. Records before 1900 are few and far between. You may have better luck finding a diary that your ancestor scribbled in than finding his or her birth certificate. There is a possibility your ancestor applied for a delayed birth certificate especially if they were born … Continued

Working with the California Divorce Index

Leave a comment has the California Divorce index, 1966-1984.  I’m searching through it to fill in some holes in my descendants list and to answer a few questions about people who seemed to have too many kids and not enough spouses and vice versa 😉 I’m working with surname searches for now so as to find groups … Continued

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: My Satisfying Genealogy Moment

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This weeks challenge from Randy at Genea-Musings is to blog about one of my most satifying genealogy moments.  Without a doubt, it has to be finding out that my Great Grandfather, Theodoro Pacheco (aka Theodore P. Smith) died of leprosy. As a child I was told that Theodoro brought his family to California from Hawaii.  … Continued

Newspapers Provide Proof When Disasters Destroy Records

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MARRIED JONES–KELLY–In this city, February 7, by the Rev. Father Scanlon, Thomas A. Jones to Miss Margaret Kelly, both of this city. [San Francisco Call, San Francisco, CA, 9 Feb 1869, page 3] It doesn’t look like much, does it?  A groom, a bride, a priest, and a date.  To the untrained eye, it’s just … Continued