An Azorean Marriage Record: Maria and Jozimas

An Azorean Marriage Record: Maria and Jozimas

[Fearless Females, Prompts for Women’s History Month, March 4th: Marriage Record of my Great Great Grandparents]

In my previous entry, I showed you a copy of the Marriage record for my Great Grandparents, Theodoro Pacheco and Maria de Braga.  The record was from a Catholic Church and was written in Latin.

This next example is the marriage record of my Great Great Grandparents, Jozimas de Braga and Maria de Mello.  The record comes from Divino Esperito Santo Church in Maia, Ribeira Grand, Sao Miguel Island, Azores.  The record is in Portuguese (not Latin) and is one of the easier ones to read.  The Azorean Priest liked to go on and on and on and this record fills a full book page.



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