50 Names Added to FindAGrave

For Tombstone Tuesday, I decided to do something different.  Instead of posting about a tombstone, I thought I would update you all on my efforts to add records to Findagrave.com.

I had 16 entries in the database prior to moving.  Then I lost the binder with all my Holy Cross Cemetery file card copies.  Last night, I found the binder, so I input the rest.  These included people from the Jones, Jackson, Bourne, Desmond, Jenkins, Burke, Pohley, Kelly, Dolan, Meincke, and McSwegan families.

I still have many more names to input.  However, I thought it best to do the file cards first since they have the most complete information.

I then spent considerable time linking everyone together.  I have a couple of links that I could not do because the entries are being maintained by other people.  I’ve sent requests and I hope that they will update their entries.  It will be nice to see the families connected.

So, with this group, I have now input 50 people into the the findagrave.com database.  It feels good to have done this.  I hope that someone connected to these lines will appreciate the information.  Maybe it will encourage someone else to input their cemetery entry.  In this way, we might all find a relative’s tombstone photo or cemetery information one day.

I have benefited greatly from other people’s efforts at findagrave.com.  I’ve found numerous cousins entries.  But, best of all a volunteer photographed the tombstones of my ancestors at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma.

Next, I will probably work on the people who I have tombstone photos for.  These would involve St. Mary’s Cemetery in Oakland, CA, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Hayward, CA, and a couple of cemeteries on Kauai, HI.

It’s all about paying it forward and keeping that genealogy sharing spirit alive, isn’t it?





What’s the Best Way to Add Information to FindAGrave.com?

I have decided to do something with the photographs and information I’ve collected from cemeteries. After playing with different websites, I’ve decided that I want to add my information to FindAGrave.com.

After looking at the website, I realize that there are a few options. Is anyone out their an expert in working with FindAGrave.com? I’d like to know what the best way and the easiest way is to:

1. Add headstone information for people who are not yet listed for a cemetery
2. Add names of people who I have cemetery information on but are not yet listed for a cemetery. This means that I have not seen the headstone, but I have either a copy of the cemetery record or a transcription of the record.
3. Add photographs to existing and non-existing entries.

I have a ton of information and would love to be able to share it. If someone could put me on the right track, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!