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What’s the Best Way to Add Information to FindAGrave.com?

I have decided to do something with the photographs and information I’ve collected from cemeteries. After playing with different websites, I’ve decided that I want to add my information to FindAGrave.com.

After looking at the website, I realize that there are a few options. Is anyone out their an expert in working with FindAGrave.com? I’d like to know what the best way and the easiest way is to:

1. Add headstone information for people who are not yet listed for a cemetery
2. Add names of people who I have cemetery information on but are not yet listed for a cemetery. This means that I have not seen the headstone, but I have either a copy of the cemetery record or a transcription of the record.
3. Add photographs to existing and non-existing entries.

I have a ton of information and would love to be able to share it. If someone could put me on the right track, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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