That’s Old News: Political Support

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I found this brief article in the 30 Jun 1912 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle: A recall was being issued in San Francisco of three politicians.  The East Oakland Progressive League was throwing it’s support behind the politicians and against the recall. Listed as one of the members of the East Oakland Progressive League … Continued

That’s Old News: Clifford Gonsalves Commended

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I found this news item about Clifford Gonsalves (aka Clifford Algrava), son of Maria J. (Costa) Algrava, through her first marriage.  Clifford enlisted in the army in 1943.   He was 27 and married. This item was in the Oakland Tribune, 1 Jul 1945, under “Awards”. “Cpl. Clifford Gonsalves, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. … Continued

That’s Old News: Attempted Murder/Suicide


The Guido family was prominent in the Oakland family.  I have several cross links to my Pacheco and de Braga distant cousins. I came across this family tragedy when searching the Oakland Tribune, 29 January 1906, page 7. This is the tragic story of the family of Manoel Guido.  Manuel Guido owned a saloon in … Continued

That’s Old News: The Portuguese Praised in Hawaii

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In searching the Hawaiian Gazette newspaper, I found several references to the Portuguese immigrants in it’s pages.  This is an article from 7 Sep 1881.  The author praises the Portuguese who have recently come to Hawaii to work the sugar plantations. I found this article interesting because it gives a glimpse of the views held … Continued

That’s Old News: Restricting Japanese Immigration

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Every now and then you learn something about a relative that makes you cringe. You may have heard of the Chinese Exclusion Act, but didn’t you know that in the early 1900s, a wave of anti-Japanese fervor swept through California? On March 6th, 1905, the San Francisco Chronicle dedicated a whole page to the “Japanese … Continued