Sugar Plantation Histories Updated at YourIslandRoutes

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I’ve been busy this week. I have updated the links on the four sugar plantation histories articles on If you aren’t familiar with these articles, there is one for the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. Information varies by business, but some included information on the founders and when the operation ended. I’ve … Continued

52 Ancestors: Women Worked on Hawaii’s Sugar Plantations, Too

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This is the fifth entry in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. The theme is Ploughing Through.  I wonder how many researchers with Portuguese Hawaiian ancestry realize that their female ancestors were under contract, too?  My great great grandmother was one of those women. This is the original sugar plantation contract that my great … Continued

An Example of Sugar Plantation Employee Records


Several years ago, I contacted the Hawaiian Sugar Plantation Association to see if there were records for the Kilauea Sugar Plantation as well as others on Kauai that were of interest to me.  At that time, the records were still held by the Association. I found that they had no records for Kilauea and scant … Continued

I Cherish My Ancestors’ Sugar Plantation Contracts


One of my most treasured items is something I never thought to ever see.I met Susan Nunes online years ago. We learned that we shared the same de Braga ancestry and began comparing notes, photographs, and documents. Susan had something in her possession that I thought was long ago lost. It was a copy of … Continued