One of the Highest Wage Earners in 1940


Another entry in my Labor Day photo series… One of the interesting things about going through the 1940 census is seeing how much money my relatives were earning in 1939.  For the most part, my relatives were earning between $500 and $1500 a year.  So, I was surprised to see that my great uncle Joe […]


My Grandma Was a Working Woman


Long before women burned their bras, my Grandma Shellabarger was a working woman.  In fact, she worked most of her life.  At first it was because her family couldn’t survive during the Depression on the 33 cents an hour my Grandfather made.  After their divorce it was necessity.  She needed to feed herself and her […]


Before He Became a Painter and Writer


Another entry in my Labor Day photo series… Frank Milton Shellabarger was my grandmother’s third husband.  My software’s relationship calculator says that we are not related by blood. I will always know him as Grandpa Frank even though he died when I was 1 year old. When my grandma met him in the late 1950s, […]