SNGF: Headline News, 7 March 1927

Oakland Tribune 7 Mar 1927 Headlines

Randy Seaver has his weekly Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge posted.  This week it’s headline news the day my Dad was born. My Dad was born 7 March 1927 in Oakland, California.  The Oakland Tribune was the main newspaper for the city of Oakland during that time. There wasn’t any one big headline, but it […]


52 Ancestors, Week 10: Killed in a Wind Storm

Obituary Martin Kelly

It is time for the next 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks post.  This week the theme is weather.  I have written about this story before, but as I can think of no other weather related event that affected my ancestors at this time, I’ll repeat it. San Francisco and San Mateo are known for their […]


Portuguese Newspaper Find: Photo of Seraphim de Braga

Seraphim de Braga newspaper photo

I am a believer in going back to databases from time to time and rechecking my searches.  Sometimes I’ve learned things since the last search.  Sometimes there have been updates to databases.  Whatever the reason, it’s a good practice to get into. The University of Massachusetts has been adding Portuguese newspapers to it’s collection for […]