Women Worked Too!

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[Originally posted on YourIslandRoutes.com.  Reposted for Fearless Females–Women’s History Month, March 12th: Working Girl] After piling over my research notes for the last 10 or more years, I’ve come to the conclusion that women worked much earlier than movies, television, and books lead us to believe. While many joined the work force during the depression … Continued

Advent Calendar: The Lost Pajamas

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(Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Day 10: Gifts) As I wrote about my doll, Tippy Toes, for the Smile for the Camera Edition #19, I thought I’d bring back my story about Grandma’s pajamas.  Though the pajamas weren’t necessarily my favorite gifts to receive (what five year old dreams of pajamas?), but they do bring … Continued

Advent Calendar: Snowflakes in the Bay Area


(Day 9 of the Advent Calender of Christmas Memories:  Grab Bag) At my first job with the County Library system, I worked with a elderly woman.  She was all business, no play–very serious.  She was a former member of the military who took everything seriously. You can imagine my surprise when I learned a week … Continued

Christmas Morning–Breakfast

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(This is day two of Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories…Holiday Foods) Ever since I was wee child my family had a tradition. After all the stockings were emptied and the presents unwrapped, we’d sit down for Christmas breakfast. This included bacon, eggs cooked in several ways, toast, and because of my Mom’s Portuguese roots, linguinca. … Continued

That’s Old News: Restricting Japanese Immigration

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Every now and then you learn something about a relative that makes you cringe. You may have heard of the Chinese Exclusion Act, but didn’t you know that in the early 1900s, a wave of anti-Japanese fervor swept through California? On March 6th, 1905, the San Francisco Chronicle dedicated a whole page to the “Japanese … Continued

That’s Old News: Protecting A Woman’s Reputation?

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In doing research in the Oakland Tribune, I came across this item under a section on saloon/liquor updates.  The section was devoted to inspections on saloons, licenses applied for and the status, and different regulations.  This was Oakland, Alameda County, California, 1907. I find it funny that businesses that served alcohol had to be equipped … Continued

Advent Calendar: A Blending of Portuguese Hawaiian Traditions

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My Portuguese family was originally from Sao Miguel Island, Azores.  They brought with them many Portuguese traditions including setting up a creche (nativity scene).  I am told that my Great Great Aunt had the original from the Azores and brought it from Hawaii to California. They arrived on Hawaiian shores in 1882.  There they spent … Continued

My Mysterious Ancestor Felicianno de Mello

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Felicianno de Mello was almost a lost ancestor.   I knew he was my Great Great Great Grandfather from my Great Great Grandmother’s baptismal record.  Though I knew that he was born and married in the town of Maia on Sao Miguel Island, I could not find any record of his birth or marriage. I had … Continued

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Your Most Unique Ancestral Name

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This week Randy asks us to name our ancestor with the most unique name for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. I couldn’t come up with anything in my ancestry for a first and last name combination, so I’m going with the most unusual first name. I found my maternal Great Great grandfather in several records but … Continued

Courtship and Wedding Traditions, Superstitions, and Lore

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There are many traditions throughout the word related to courtships and weddings. Some represent the times they came from. Others have made their way into modern wedding ceremonies. Here is a selection of courtship and wedding traditions from throughout the world. From Africa: This tradition is found in different Southern African cultures. It is called … Continued

Preserving Historic Moments

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This week our country had an historical presidential elections.  It was a moment of pride and emotion for the entire nation as we elected our first African American President. When historical events, disasters, or momentous occasions occur, do you write about them and save them for your family?  After interviewing several older relatives and wondering … Continued