Winter Games: Backing Up My Data

Winter Games: Backing Up My Data

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I have completed my first task of the Winter Genea Blogger Games. I decided to start on the task I have procrastinated on too long: backing up my data to my flash drive (Task C).

Last night, I hooked up the flash drive and I began. First, I made a fresh back up of all my genealogy databases. Then I transferred them to my flash drive. That was quick and easy.

Next, I attacked my photos. I have all my photos in one folder with subfolders. I copied that over to my flash drive. It took quite some time.

Finally, I copied all the documents, research notes, and assorted data in my Genealogy Research Folder to my flash drive. That took almost an hour.

But, it’s done! I spot checked the folders on my flash drive to make sure the files are really there. I now have a complete, current backup of all my genealogy data.

I plan to search further for an online source for backup/storage. This will give me two backup copies. I already know what it feels like to have your backup fail (i.e. my Zip Drive corrupted all my disks years ago and last year when I needed to restore my data to my new computer I found 2 CDs that weren’t any good) Having two backup copies will make me feel much better.

So…Task C is completed.

Medal Tally so far:
Backing Up Your Data…Gold Medal

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