The 1900 Census got the Menaud’s all wrong


I missed this entry in the 1900 Census for several years.  I was looking for Romain and Madeleine Menaud, with daughter. Mary Lacazette (from Madeleine’s first marriage).  But, they were nowhere to be found.  It took learning more about the family to root them out. The Menaud surname is rare in California in 1900.  Even […]


SNGF: Fearless Female Prompt of the Day


Randy Seaver has asked us to take a prompt from the Fear Females list created by Lisa Alzo for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  I’ve chosen today’s prompt which is to take a family document and write a narrative about it. My Great Aunt Margaret Jackson married Alfred Fafri sometime in the early 1940s…somewhere.  No one […]


1940 Census for Hawaii Indexed and Online


Good news! has the 1940 Census index for Hawaii online.  Now you don’t have to muddle through page by page. A couple of things you should know before jumping in: Names, especially in Hawaii, can be mangled.  I was searching for Seraphin Braga on Oahu.  His first name is indexed as Serphan.  I checked […]