1900 US Census: Portuguese Names in Kawaihau District, Kauai, Territory of Hawaii

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This is the second installment in the series of indexes listing the Portuguese names in the 1900 U.S. Federal Census for the island of Kauai, Territory of Hawaii.  The first index covers Hanelei District. This index covers Kawaihau District.  The majority of the people in this district will most likely be found at the Kealia … Continued

52 Ancestors Week 35: Were Theodoro and Maria Educated?

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This week’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks theme is schooling.  I’ve written quite a bit about this topic this year.  This time I would like to answer the question as to whether my Azorean great grandparents, Theodoro and Maria (de Braga) Pacheco Smith, had any schooling in Hawaii? Schooling For Children was Part of the … Continued

1930 Census Background Information

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The 1930 Census enumeration began on 1 April 1930. The census spans 2,667 rolls of microfilm. The information was recorded by Enumerators or Census Takers. Each enumerator was assigned an enumeration district. It took approximately 4 weeks to complete. Although enumeration could take weeks to complete, all information is recorded as of 1 Apr 1930. … Continued

The 1900 Census got the Menaud’s all wrong

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I missed this entry in the 1900 Census for several years.  I was looking for Romain and Madeleine Menaud, with daughter. Mary Lacazette (from Madeleine’s first marriage).  But, they were nowhere to be found.  It took learning more about the family to root them out. The Menaud surname is rare in California in 1900.  Even … Continued

SNGF: Fearless Female Prompt of the Day

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Randy Seaver has asked us to take a prompt from the Fear Females list created by Lisa Alzo for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  I’ve chosen today’s prompt which is to take a family document and write a narrative about it. My Great Aunt Margaret Jackson married Alfred Fafri sometime in the early 1940s…somewhere.  No one … Continued

Is This My Martin Kelly in the Tax List

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In my last post, I wrote about the entries I found in the San Mateo County Index to Deeds that referred to my Gr Gr Gr Grandfather, Martin Kelly.  My next step is to determine what the property was that Martin Kelly owned in San Mateo County since his address from 1860 to 1899 when … Continued

Finding Enumeration Districts in the 1940 Census

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Some time back, I posted to Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun about what I expected to find in the 1940 Census.  Joel Weintraub from the website  SteveMorse.org posted a comment about the different utilities they’ve created to assist people with searching the 1940 census.  I decided to check it out to see if I … Continued

SNGF: The 1940 Census


Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge at Genea-Musings is all about the 1940 census, what we plan to find, and our expectations. As it will not have an index at first, I suspect that I will be slogged down in four places:  Kilauea (Kauai Co., HI), Oakland (Alameda Co., CA), Spreckels (Monterey Co., CA), … Continued

My Biggest Genealogy Discovery in 2010

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I’m borrowing this for Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun since I wrote it only two days ago.  This is by far my best research adventure of the year.  I located obituaries that were out of my reach and I uncovered a new line of my Kelly family tree.  None of this would have been possible … Continued

Tombstones Have Errors, Too: Part Three

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In the first post in this series, I told of Michael Kelly who committed suicide in 1881 and how that date differed from the tombstone.  In the second post in this series, I used city directories to see if I could establish connections between Michael, John, and Martin Kelly.  In this post, I’m going back … Continued