Relationship between the Cosma and the Camara Families

Relationship between the Cosma and the Camara Families

This is Genealogy Research Journal #2. In this series, I’ll show how the Camara and Cosma families who spent so much time together turned out to be related.

This turned into a tricky research problem. It involves multiple name changes. Also, at the time I took up this problem those living had forgotten their connections. They had a vague sense of being cousins but had no idea how. They only know that there were a few marriages and that the families were constantly around each other.

These are the posts in this series:
Tangled Web We Weave with the Cosma and Camara families.

The Curious Passport Record left more questions than answers.
Mapping the Cosma and Camara Families helps us see what we already know about the connections.
Back to the Passports to find out if Manoel and Cosme are in-laws.

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4 thoughts on “Relationship between the Cosma and the Camara Families

  1. GreatGrandfather was Nuno da Camara married to Maria Augusta Victorino. Arrived in Hawaii 1882 settled in Kauai

  2. Thank you Melody. Your post is very timely and gives me more details and clues as to my family history!

  3. Pam, Thanks for your comments! If you have roots on Kauai, we probably link up somewhere. As I remember Nuno da Camara is a different line than the Jacinto da Camaras in this research journal.

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