Mapping the Cosma and Camara Families

Mapping the Cosma and Camara Families

Research Journal #2, Entry# 3

Part of resolving genealogical problems is assessing what you already know. The Cosma’s and the Camara’s were so intermeshed that it seemed impossible to figure out who went where. It was time for a review (no pop quizzes, I promise).

The next step would be to map out the known connections to get a picture of the families.

Starting with The Cosma children…
Manoel m. Minnie Camara
Alexandrinha m. Manoel Remoaldo
Francisco m. Francesca Remoaldo
Maria m. Manoel Gabriel Medeiros
Joaquim m. Marie Pacheco
Maria Jacinta m. Unknown

Finishing with the Camara children…
Manoel m. Maria Theresa Teves
Minnie m. Manoel Cosma (see above)
Maria m. Jose de Braga
Francisco m. Lenora “Nora” Pavao
Alexandrinha m. Manoel Pavao
Antonio m. Carolina d’Ornellas
Joao m. Maria Freitas de Correia
Emilee m. John Freitas de Correia

From the above list, we can see that Manoel Cosma married Minnie Jacinto (aka Camara). Also note that Manoel and Francesca Remoaldo are brother and sister. So were Lenora and Manoel Pavao…and Maria and John Freitas de Correia!

Here comes the trick question.  Were they only connected by marriage or were they related by blood, too?

More research would be needed to resolve in Manoel Camara and Cosma Jacinto da Camara (aka Jacinto Cosma) were blood relations.


Most of the information to compile these lists came from information from relatives, the 1900-1930 US Federal Census, and marriage records.

1900 US Federal Census entry for Cosme Jacinto da Camara shows he was using the surname Jacinth (or Jacinto)

1900 US Federal Census entry for his son, Joao (aka Joaquim and John) show that he was already using the surname Cosma

1900 US Federal Census entry for Filomena (Leite) Jacinto, widow of Manoel Jacinto, though her name is badly mangled, it shows that this family was using Jacinto in 1900.


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