Gifts For Genealogists: Family Tree Picture Frames Display Your Family Photos Beautifully

Gifts For Genealogists: Family Tree Picture Frames Display Your Family Photos Beautifully

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A few years back, I was given a family tree photo frame. It’s one of my prized possessions. I have it filled with three generations of ancestors from my parents to my great grandparents. It sits proudly on my dresser so that I can see it every day. Family tree frames are perfect gifts for those who love family history. Genealogists especially love seeing their ancestors photos. I know I do!

There are many gorgeous genealogy themed frames that show off your family photographs. Here are  a few examples.

Adeco Twisted Iron Family Tree Frame

This wire frame is a little unusual. The trunk of the tree is shaped from twisted wire. The branches, leaves, and base have a circular, curved design. This wrought iron and cast iron frame measures 14.8″ x 9.1″ x 19.7″.

It’s designed so that photos can be hung without frames. Gently place them within the metal curves of the tree. Frames can be purchased separately and hung from branches if you prefer framed photos. Those with ribbon hangers probably would work best.

There are 30 different places for photos. Depending on the size of your photos, several could be hung from the tree.

Philip Whitney Bronze Family Tree Picture Frame

This beautifully constructed family tree picture frame is made of bronze metal and measures 20ā€ high by 18ā€ wide. It has a solid, square base making it perfect for the coffee table, mantle, or shelf.  Frames are 1.8″ x 2.5″.

The branches twirl out into delicate tendrils with leaves at the end. Frames are hung by ribbons and can be placed on any branch in whatever fashion you like. It comes with 6 frames, but you can buy additional frames in sets of four.

Four Frame Family Tree

Looking for something smaller? This family tree frame is just the right thing for showing one side of the tree or all four grandparents.

It is made of brushed bronze. The frames are held by cloth hangers. The frame is roughly 13 inches tall.

Each frame holds a 2″ x 3″ photo. The display size is 1.5″ by 2.5″. This is perfect if there is limited space for a frame–a small desk top or small shelf.

Don’t Hide Those Old Photos in a Box!

Why keep old family photographs stuffed away in a dusty ol’ box? They should be on display for all to enjoy. A family tree themed photo frame is the perfect way to show them off. It’s a great gift for the family historian, genealogists, and grandparents.

You can fill the frame or let the recipient do so.  Either way it’s the ideal gift for anyone who loves family history.

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