Ship Manifest for the Pacheco’s

Ship Manifest for the Pacheco’s

I’ve been doing a little scanning this week and thought I’d post the ship manifest for the Pacheco family.  They left the Azores Islands for Hawaii on the SS Hansa in 1882.

Ana Jacinta (de Mello) Pacheco was the head of the family.  With her were her children aged 6 to 22 years old:  Manoel, Jose, Joao, Marie, Francisco, and Theodoro.  Oldest son, Antonio, is not listed on the manifest.  Family lore says that he arrived in Hawaii a year or so later.  Ana was presumed to be a widow by the time the family left for Hawaii, though I have not found her husband’s death certificate (Jacintho Pacheco).

There is a curious note on the ship manifest by my Great Great Grandmother and children’s entry.  It says “Uncertain”.  I’m guessing here, but I suspect it means that they were either uncertain about who boarded the ship in Ponta Delgada or who left the ship in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It makes me wonder how well they checked passports to ship records.  If the family members were uncertain in Honolulu, were they detained for any period of time?  Or, were so many people coming over on these ships that they took a “whatever” attitude?  Since they were looking for laborers, maybe they let discrepancies slide as long as someone on the passport was there.

The early ship manifest were bereft of information.  They didn’t ask many questions, did they?

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