Garden Island Newspaper online 1902-1922

Garden Island Newspaper online 1902-1922

I was browsing the Chronicling America website today to see if there was anything new.  They’ve added to the Garden Island Newspaper collection.  It now covers 1902-1922.  The Garden Island Newspaper served the island of Kauai.

I didn’t do very well in the early years.  I suspect most non-Whites (the Portuguese were considered Caucasian but not White in Hawaii up through the 1950s) got much newspaper space in the early years.  That was reserved for the wealthy White land and business owners.

After 1914, there is definitely a switch.  More plantation family stories are included.  Baseball was big on the island and there were several teams.  Lots of little news bits of this family visiting that family.  I found several interesting things on my Pacheco family in Kilauea.

I notice a lack of obituaries, birth, and marriage announcements.  You’d think for such small communities these events would have been noted.  It would be interesting to know what year they are added.

Here’s the link for the Garden Island Newspaper:  Garden Island, 1902-1922

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