Placida (Argues) LaClaustra’s Individual Summary

Placida (Argues) LaClaustra’s Individual Summary

(From one of my collateral lines)

Name:    Placida ARGUES-78461
Sex:    Female

Individual Facts
Birth    1862    Spain
Immigration    1904 (about age 42)
Residence    1910 (about age 48)    Grove St.; Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Death    15 Dec 1922 (about age 60)
Alt. Name    1929 (about age 67)    Plazide LACLAUSTRA-78463
Residence    1930 (about age 68)    1033 39th; Oakland, Alameda Co., CA
Alt. Name        Plazida; Argis; Arquis -78464

1. Manuel LACLAUSTRA-7845 (1855-1941)
Children    Emily LACLAUSTRA-7976 (1880-1961)
Antonio LACLAUSTRA-7973 (1883-    )
Leanor LACLAUSTRA-7861 (1886-1945)
Manuel LACLAUSTRA-7974 (1889-1956)
Seraphin LACLAUSTRA-7975 (1894-1980)
Emilia LACLAUSTRA-8143 (1898-    )
Andrew LACLAUSTRA-9349 (1901-1929)
Henry LACLAUSTRA-8142 (1901-    )
Maria LACLAUSTRA-9350 (ca 1902    –    )

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