Marie (Condrey) Jacquemet’s Individual Summary

Marie (Condrey) Jacquemet’s Individual Summary

(Another collateral line.  The Jacquemet’s owned a Florist in San Francisco)

Name:    Marie J. CONDREY-8006
Sex:    Female
Father:    ??? CONDREY-8132 (    –    )

Individual Facts
Birth    abt 1870    Asasp, France15
Immigration    1881 (about age 11)
Residence    1901 (about age 31)    27 4th; San Francisco, San Francisco Co., CA
Residence    bet 1910 and 1915 (between about age 40 and about 45)    4206 22nd; SF Co., CA

1. Jean Pierre “Joseph” JACQUEMET-8005 (1850-1925)
Marriage    abt 1885 (about age 15)
Children    Henri JACQUEMET-7918 (1892-1977)
Josephine A. JACQUEMET-8137 (1883-    )
Noe V. JACQUEMET-8138 (1897-1972)
Rosalie Marie JACQUEMET-8139 (1901-1991)
Joseph L. JACQUEMET-8140 (1904-1974)
Peter JACQUEMET-8141 (1890-1973)

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