Francisca (Mello) Pacheco’s Individual Summary

Francisca (Mello) Pacheco’s Individual Summary

Unfortunately, the further we go back with Portuguese records, the less we can learn about our female ancestors.  The only thing I can gather about Francisca is that that she was born, married, raised a family, and died in the same village–Maia.  Some day I will go back to the parish records and I’ll find out how many children she had or if she died young.  Her story, as limited as it will be, is still untold.

Name:    Francisca da Conceicao de MELLO
Sex:    Female
Father:    Joao de MELLO-2067 (1771-1840)
Mother:    Maria Theresa de MEDEIROS-857 (1778-    )

Individual Facts
Birth    31 Jul 1818    Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island
Baptism    9 Aug 1818 (age 0)    Divino Esperito Santo, Maia, Sao Miguel, Acores

1. Elias PACHECO-874 (1816-    )
Marriage    30 Jan 1837 (age 18)    Maia, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island

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